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The old ways are dead and done

I switched my daily blog today from Substack to a new provider, Normally a major decision such as change of platform (as in this case) would have taken me at least half a day. Or more likely, at least a day or two. The reason is that I would be manually Googling, reading reviews on various sites and comparing multiple products before making a final decision. ChatGPT helped me make this decision today in less than 30 minutes. These were my prompts, in the order I asked them: 1 \ 📲 What are good options for self-hosting a blog? 🧠 [ChatGPT gave me 6 options] 2 \ 📲 Can you tell me more about Ghost blogging platform? 🧠 [Gave me detailed product features] 3 \ 📲 Who uses Ghost? 🧠 [Named the main segments using Ghost such as writers, publishers, freelancers and educators] 4 \ 📲 What's so special about Ghost blogging platform? 🧠 [Gave features and benefits that differentiated Ghost from alternatives] 5 \ 📲 Can you give me some examples of sites using Ghost? 🧠 [List of mostly corporates, which I didn't want] 6 \ 📲 I was thinking more in terms of well-known internet personalities like Ali Abdaal. Can you give me other internet personalities using Ghost? 🧠 [List of well-known independent creators that run 6-7 figure businesses through Ghost] I then used the information from ChatGPT to quickly scope out Ghost and play around with the free trial. Decision finalized. As you can see, my prompts weren't even that good to be honest. But it was enough to give me all the details I needed to make a definitive decision without comparing and cross-comparing different alternatives. Less than 2 hours after making the decision, I had moved all my articles from Substack to Ghost, and registered a custom domain. My decision making time frame was cut from 1/2 - 1 full day to just 30 minutes. There's now no going back to the old ways for all types of decision-making, that's for sure.


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