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I'm Richmond Wong

I help growing early-stage B2B SaaS companies create more profitable launches with no B.S. systems and frameworks

I've also worked with:


Work with an expert who's launched in 10+ global markets

If you're a new SaaS founder launching for the first time locally or abroad, here's how I will help you using my launch experience from 12+ international markets (including Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia):

💰 Generate profitable and innovative product ideas by looking outside your current worldview

📈 Find a receptive audience and niche by testing for their ability and willingness to pay


🔧 Analyze your market and competition to make sure you don't build something no one wants

💹 Create a pricing strategy that makes your propects automatically want to buy


💬 Develop messaging and positioning that attracts the right prospects like iron fillings to a magnet


🚀 Build and launch your product as efficiently and effectively with the fewest possible hiccups

Image by Pawel Nolbert
Image by Mario Gogh

Assimilate the Best Practices from Top Startups & Elite Blue Chips Around the World

I've helped 1st-time startup founders in fintech, health, wine, education, sports, marketing, homecare and hospitality go from ideation to launch.


My clients include startup founders in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Kenya, Portugal and France (among others).


I'll also further refine your launch strategy with other growth insights gained from working with 100+ startup and enterprise consulting clients around the world.


Outside the startup world, my other clients and mentees work at:


🌴 Amazon

📕 Facebook

📊 Bain

🚙 Ford

⚫️ Bridgestone Automotive

🍺 Anheuser-Busch InBev

Full stack advisory for long-term growth and end-to-end defensibility

Beyond helping with your launch, I'm happy to work on optimizing your medium to long-term growth by helping you:

🚦 Convert more traffic and leads by optimizing your marketing/sales with dozens of small (and often overlooked) tweaks


🥊 Immediately elevate yourself above your bland "copy-and-paste" competitors by building strong, sustainable positioning in the minds of your company's most important people (your prospects and customers)

🤑 Uncover hidden assets you can monetize right away and simultaneously creating ones that can be developed for the long-term

🔝 Optimize your existing assets with the "Highest and Best Use" principle. Why reinvent the wheel when it's not necessary?

💥 Unlock greater efficiency by destroying energy, time and resource-sapping bottlenecks so that you have more mental clarity and focus. Plus, you'll love the time you get freed back up

Image by Mike Kononov

Get in touch today to see if we'll be a good fit to work together

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