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Are you still relevant?

When finding the causes of churn in your B2B SaaS, a good question to ask yourself is: how is my product still relevant to my users?

Just because your product was relevant at the point of purchase - and was still relevant yesterday doesn't mean it remains the same today.

Users can fall out of love (or no longer find utility) with your product for a number of reasons: a superior competitor, a bad experience with your team, a change in career or a life transition.

Churn isn't just something to be plugged like a leaky bucket with discounts and a reactive product roadmap - that's playing defense.

You also need to play offense by anticipating the types of challenges you can solve for them, and the opportunities you can create.

Ultimately, product stickiness is created by being relevant to your users right now and on an on-going basis with no breaks in continuity.

Stickiness is not created by falling into the pit of irrelevance, and then scrambling reactively with catch-up features to try to become relevant again to your users' lives.

Different users have different tolerances for this - some will cut you a bit of slack and stay subscribed while you sort things out, while others will leave right away.

But in either case, it's better to skate alongside (and ahead of) your users, rather than fall behind and trying to catch up afterwards.

Do that too many times and even your most forgiving users will leave you for your competitors.

And who's fault would that be?


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