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Own, don't rent, your customers

B2B SaaS founders, own - don't rent - your customers.

Do you think you actually own your company's customer list on LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, or another platform?

Any of these platforms can suspend your account - either for cause, or *accidentally*.

Due to a glitch, Instagram locked thousands of users out of their accounts in October 2022.

Platforms constantly change what behavior can lead to account suspensions - or worse, outright bans.

In other words, if you have put a lot of time and effort into growing your following, you may wish to reconsider whether you actually own your customer list.

And you're not safe either on platforms such as Substack that bill themselves as business- and creator-friendly because they allow you to download your followers' email addresses.

You can still get suspended without notice and locked out of your hard-earned customer list.

These are all examples of "rented lists" - ie. you merely have access to your customers at the whim and pleasure of the platform.

Make sure you're saving your customer details in your own databases by regularly downloading your customers' contact details from your accounts.

Or, if that's not possible, driving traffic to your own landing pages where you can capture their details.

Then you'll no longer rent your customer lists, but actually own them for *real*

And that's one of the steps to building a resilient business with true redundancy.


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