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Don't make the busy person work for it

One really easy shortcut to success as a B2B SaaS founder is to make it easy for the other person when you're asking a favor of them.

For example, if you're asking your friend or ex-colleague for an introduction to a prospect, send them a pre-written introduction instead of expecting your contact to do the heavy lifting and write it themselves.

If you Whatsapp or text someone to ask for information, don't just leave it at "Got a sec?" (you know who you are).

Instead, actually include what your request is. In other words, JUST ASK THE QUESTION YOU WANT ANSWERED.

(For example: "Got a sec? Wanted to double check if you knew Bob Smith of Salesforce - was hoping you could quickly fill me in on him as I've got a meeting with him next week. Understand that you used to work together")

If you ask a contact to review something (such as a contract or landing page), then either point out or outline the provisions or areas you would like them to comment on. Don't just expect them to figure it out on their own when they're the ones doing YOU the favor.

It only takes you a few extra moments to make it easier for the other person. If you do, you can maintain (and perhaps grow) the relationship.

Make it hard for the other person (especially a busy one) too many times, and they'll want to stop dealing with you.

And that could have been totally avoided if you just did the extra little leg work yourself.


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