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Don't win small battles to lose the war

One mistake I've consistently seen B2B SaaS founders make is waiting too long to launch. This includes new features, products and marketing campaigns.

For most of you, 80% is good enough - you don't need perfection.

An 80% effort will be enough to start making money, getting users, gathering feedback and whatnot.

It's more important to release with a very capable 80% effort than delay indefinitely until a 100% Rolls-Royce deliverable is achieved.

Of course, there are certain industries where you can't get away with 80% effort: I'm thinking fintech, law and medical. In such spaces, you definitely want to cross all your t's and cross all your i's.

But for everyone else, speed of execution and learning are essential.

You think these posts I write every day are 100% perfect?

Of course not. But they're good enough to continue building an audience while also allowing me sufficient time and energy to write my book and film videos.

For most people, you should prioritize speed and learning over getting things perfectly perfect.

Because if you're a perfectionist at heart (like me), you'll spend forever trying to touch up tiny imperfections your market won't even notice at the very real expense of making material progress in your business.

And you definitely wouldn't want to win your many little battles but lose the war.


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