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Win big by dominating a niche

Here's the best, most tried-and-true way to grow your bootstrapped SaaS startup into the muscular Big Company you dreamed about when you started this journey 📈💪

Find a NARROW niche that you can serve by either solving a problem and/or creating an opportunity.

Dominate that niche and then leverage your cash flow, credibility (eg. reference users and testimonials), word-of-mouth and marketing (paid and non-paid) to expand into an adjacent niche.

Rinse and repeat over and over until you have a big company.

Most new founders try to target a market that's way too broad (i.e. "We serve everybody").


You'll never get traction that way because you'll have to dislodge an entrenched, incumbent MegaCorp with way more firepower than you 👹

What you instead want is a narrow niche that you can DOMINATE

Dominate a narrow niche 🥊

Expand into a new adjacent niche

Dominate that new narrow niche 🥊 🥊

Expand into another new adjacent niche

Dominate that new narrow niche 🥊🥊🥊

It's that simple.

In short:

1/ Focus on a specific market niche. Don't bite off more than you can chew with a broad market - that's for giant MegaCorps with more money and resources than you have

2/ Dominate your specific niche by consistently hammering these 3 levers:

• 📈 consistent marketing

• 👌 a high quality product / service

• 💯 memorable end-to-end customer service (to ensure repeat business)

3/ Expand into a new adjacent market you can credibly compete in and get Product-Market-Fit using the same three levers in Step 2

4/ Repeat over and over until your fledging SaaS startup is the Big Company you envisioned all along

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