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The easiest 3 steps to more sales + profit 😍📈

Raise your number of sales and sign-ups with this 3-step marketing framework that you can use on landing pages, ads and social media:

  1. Build your prospect’s desire for your product

  2. Overcome doubts and uncertainty they have about themselves

  3. Help them imagine themselves experiencing the full benefits of having already used your product

Here's a breakdown of each step:

Step 1 - Build their desire for your product 😜

Your prospect may be discovering you for the first time and know little about either your brand or product. Your job in Step 1 is to build their desire for your offering, and then amplify that desire in the here-and-now.

Use things like high-quality imagery and video, endorsements, testimonials/case studies and compelling sales copy that focuses on your product's benefits (ie. positive implications), not just the features.

Ever wonder why you start salivating and always seem to want to drive down to the local McDonald's after watching an ad for Big Macs?

Well, the close-up shots of the sizzling 100% beef patty, crisp lettuce and ripe, juicy tomatoes with tangy special sauce sandwiched between two perfectly perfect sesame seed buns probably had something to do with it.

Then pair all of the above with more close-ups shots: this time of a large, overflowing cup of icy Coca-Cola and crispy, “just right” golden straight-cut fries tumbling out of the iconic red McDonald’s container.

Plus, it didn’t hurt to have McDonald’s pay millions of dollars to Michael Jordan, Heidi Klum and BTS to eat this stuff as official “brand ambassadors” (ie. celebrity endorsers).

And now you know how to leverage Step 1 

Step 2 - Overcome doubts and uncertainty about themselves 💕🥰

It's not that your product isn't great - I'm sure it is.

But often what holds people back from buying and using something is because they have their own personal reasons for why they don't see themselves as "the right person" for your offering.

For example, the root cause that holds many people back from joining (and then consistently going) to the gym is not just that they are uncomfortable with how they currently look - but it has more so to do with the much deeper reason of feeling they will be judged by others.

It is what they feel on this deeper level which drives their actions (or lack of action) – and this is what you need to address.

In other words, your job as a founder, marketer and salesperson is to ALSO help your prospect overcome their doubts and uncertainties they have about THEMSELVES being suitable FOR YOUR OFFERING – not just the other way around (which is the usual way of selling).

If you did Step 1 correctly, they already see the product as the right choice for them, but they also need to see themselves as the right choice for your product.

So maybe you organize gym classes three times a week that are open exclusively to new joiners. The intention is that they can work out in an environment that is as non-judgmental as possible until they get their sea legs (so to speak).

Or perhaps you set aside a physical space that is for "newbies only".

But Step 2 is basically anything to help your prospect say "Yes, I clearly see myself buying and using this product or service. I see that I am suitable for this offering and this offering is suitable for me."

Step 3 - Help them imagine themselves experiencing the full benefits of having already used your product 😘😍

The final step is to (to the full extent you can) "future pace" your prospect - i.e. paint a compelling future for them in which they not only see, but ideally experience, themselves fully enjoying the comprehensive benefits of having already used your product.

This would include not only the immediate product-based benefits derived from using your offering, but also the ancillary benefits that consequently flow from it on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.

If you are an owner of a resort in Bali, you could do the above with the following:

"You (the prospect) step onto the veranda of your 3rd story suite, drinking in the verdant green vista of tropical foliage in front of you, framed between the sunlight skies of mid-afternoon and the shimmering, turquoise waters of the sandy bay.

Behind you quietly slips in the resort attendant bearing a large spread of the choicest tropical fruits - pungent, creamy durians, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth mangos and sugary, thirst-quenching guavas.

This is the prize for your years of entrepreneurship grind - the late nights, rejections by prospects and near brushes with financial death. But unlike others, you emerged fully victorious - and here you are, living and reveling in a life open only to the small minority who successfully made it through a combination of hard work, grind and wits.

You are part of a small, select group and you deserve every part of today."

In effect, we are taking Step 1 (Build their desire for your product) and putting it on steroids by not only amplifying the immediate benefits of using your product, but taking the prospect by the hand and vividly painting for them the medium and long-term lifestyle they could unlock if only they bought your offering.

Give this 3-step framework a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how well it works to get your prospects excited about buying what you're selling.


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