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Only 1 out of 100 make it

Photo by Noah Näf / Unsplash

The best thing going after opportunities is that 95% of people put their head in the sand.

That means you’re competing with 4 other people who’ve initially volunteered for the same opportunity.

This could mean Going-to-Market with a new SaaS product in a brand new space, publishing a book, starting a video channel or running a marathon.

The first person complains about being “so tired” all the time and never gets off the ground.

The second will have the daily energy but won’t put in the work on a regular basis.

The third will have the consistency but not the skills for sustained success.

The fourth will have the skill and short-term consistency but will give up before critical mass is hit because their pain threshold is too low.

The fifth person will have the skill, consistency, energy, drive and sufficiently high pain threshold to succeed.

Only one actually makes it.

Will you be this fifth person - or one of the other four?


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