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Choose the life that works for you ⚖️

There's a lot of chatter on LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and other platforms about the "best" balance between work and personal life.

Some advocate the maxim of "working to live and not living to work"

On the other end of the spectrum others champion a "hustle" work-focused lifestyle.

And others prescribe something between the two.

But you know what?

You choose what works for you at your current life stage, and where you want to go in the medium and long-term.

Are you just getting your business started and do you want (indeed, need) to put work as the primary focus of your life at the expense of your social and personal life?

Go ahead if that's the right choice for you.

Or maybe you've just become a first-time parent and you want to be there for your newborn by spending more time at home and downshifting to a part-time role.

It's your decision.

Or maybe you're one to push aggressively with client work from Monday to Friday but then completely step away from emails and Slack messages on the weekend?

You do what works for you.


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