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A treatise on finding mentors

Life perspective is just as important as expertise when finding business mentors.

Expertise is the "what-to-do" and "how-to-do" of the specific technical domain (copywriting, closing sales, managing remote teams, coding, etc) you're trying to get better at.

Perspective is what gives you the birds-eye view of the pros and cons of the what-to-do and how-to-do.

Personally I look for another layer in perspective - and that's LIFE perspective.

In other words, how the actions I take (or propose to take) will affect (positively or negatively - and to what degree) my long-term effectiveness, health, relationships, wealth and contentment.

For this specific reason, most of my business mentors are far older than me - in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

While they've achieved great financial and material success, they also give me something that someone who has lived less of life does not necessarily have - and that's wisdom and life perspective earned from the ups-and-downs of integrating a busy business life with family, relationships, wealth-building and health.

Some of these guys wrecked their family life in the process of building their businesses, while others damaged their health.

Others tanked their net worth with poorly thought out business decisions.

Most recovered, but all came away with a deepened perspective on living life and building a business.

Some were chastened even, but all of them always emerged with increased wisdom that would guide their later life - and to the benefit of everyone in their lives.

When seeking mentorship, who can you find who not only has the technical expertise to build your business, but can also situate the act of business building within the entirety of ALL your life areas so that you live a long, healthy, wealthy and satisfying life? 🙏


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